Mario Gadda Violin Maker

MARIO GADDA 1931 - 2008

The master luthier Mario Gadda dedicated his whole life to his instruments.

He started working right after the Second World War in 1947 with his father Gaetano, the only pupil and pursuer of the esteemed master luthier Stefano Scampella. Gaetano equaled his master’s fame by producing numerous instruments that, thanks to their unique sonority, were preferred by the best performers in Italy. Following his father’s death in 1956, Mario took the reins of the Mantuan string-instrument-making tradition, making hundreds of violins, violas and cellos, until his health permitted it. For years his work, which is more veered towards Mantuan tradition and Tommaso Balestrieri’s work than towards the classical models from Cremona, has been renowned and in high demand. 


During the years, Mario Gadda’s studio has seen various collaborations. His brother-in-law Franco Forcellini, who now owns and is the curator of an impressive private collection of instruments from 1970 to 2005 while from the end of the 90s Andrea Caccia followed the teacher as a pupil until the end of his activity.

Throughout his life, Mario Gadda participated in numerous competitions and won countless prises thanks to his indisputable craftsmanship. He is in fact considered one of the most esteemed luthiers of the 20th century.

Today his instruments are sought-after and fought-for in the most famous auctions in the world, their value ever growing.

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