Gaetano Gadda Violin Maker

GAETANO GADDA 1900 - 1956

The only one pupil of Stefano Scarrampella.


Gaetano Gadda started working in Stefano Scarampella’s studio in 1919, and after a brief internship he began to make his first instruments with the aging master, which will lead him to become his only pupil.


Shortly Scarampella’s health began to deteriorate and Gaetano started making the majority of the instruments. Following the worsening of his conditions, the master backed down and legally gave his studio, tools and personal models to his pupil in 1924 provided that Gaetano would make a violin a month for him until the day of his death. The original legal contract still exists today!


After his master’s passing in 1925, Gadda attended Ettore Soffritti’s studio in Ferrara to learn the secrets of the Ferrarese school until 1927.


However, during the initial stages of his newfound business, Gadda’s creations still experienced his master’s strong influence which suffocated his own unique style and personality.

When his son Mario joined the studio, though, the luthier finally started making some changes into his work, entering the  “Golden Age” of his production. These changes initially began by getting inspired by a Guarnieri model, with slight changes, which led him to ulteriorly distancing himself  from his master’s style by signing his instruments with the GG brand.


Other than the two most famous models known to violin-making, he also used others as his canon, like the Stradivari, or the Balestrieri for cellos.

Gaetano Gadda Violin Maker

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